Blue Revolution (Neel Kranti): Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries – (90:10)

Under the initiative of the Government of India, for implementation of scheme on “Blue Revolution (Neel Kranti)- Integrated Development and Management of Fisher- ies” initiating from the year 2016-17, envisage to pursue the vision which are easily adaptable and beneficial to the populace of the State. During 2019-2020, an amount of Rs. 226.99 lakhs has been sanctioned by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, DAHDF for construction of fish seed rearing units, one time inputs for fish seed rearing units, Solar Power system for Aquaculture and Establishment of Hatcheries.

Upgradation of Government Demonstration Fish Farms in Nagaland

With the successful completion of the project on Fish Kiosks during 2019-2020, a new project is being proposed under Negotiated Loan (NABARD) in three phases for   a total project cost of Rs. 959.40 lakhs starting from 2019-2020. The proposed project includes upgrading the existing eight (8) Government Demonstration Fish Farms in the State namely: Thizama Fish Farm at Kohima, Brooders’ Fish Farm at Dimapur, Jorpukhuri Fish Farm at Dimapur, Tsumang Demonstration Fish Farm at Wokha, Nathanglu Fish Farm at Mokokchung, Thimlak Fish Farm at Tuensang, Tizit Fish Farm at Mon and Demonstration Fish Farm at New Peren Hq. During 2019-2020, an amount of Rs. 300.00 lakhs has been earmarked as phase – I.


Conservation of Aquatic Resources

  • Sports Fisheries: Sport fisheries have the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and It holds a great promise of being a potential employment generating sector as it is a sport that provides entertainment, generates employment, enables nutritious food, improves the socio-economic condition of the people besides giving birth and support to development of several ancillary activities as well boost the inflow of tourists to the state. During 2019-2020, an amount of Rs. 2.50 lakhs has been earmarked for this activity.


  • Awareness/conservation programme: In recent times, the factors like over-exploitation, pollution, habitat alteration and destruction, introduction of alien species etc., are overwhelmingly causing impacts and threats to aquatic biodi- There is necessity to put in place appropriate conservation strategies and actions to safeguard the aquatic biodiversity for the benefit of the present, as well as, future generations. Awareness programmes on conservation will be conducted at the grass root level by involving village communities. During 2019-2020, an amount of Rs. 2.50 lakhs has been earmarked for this activity.

Information Technology

Information technology is what drives the daily operations on all levels of Govern- ment and its role will continue to expand and evolve overtime. The Department through this programme envisages to procure and upgrade the existing office computer systems during 2019-2020 for which an amount of Rs. 3.00 lakhs has been earmarked to take up this proposed activity.

Women Empowerment/Development (Gender Budgeting)

Initiating from the Annual Plan 2009-10, the State Government had formulated a noble scheme towards upliftment of women/girls through gender budgeting. Through this flagship scheme, the Department emphasize on integrating women in fish farming through development process and activities by organizing Awareness programmes/Capacity Building and assisting the grass root women as economic Self Help Groups (SHGs) in providing inputs, additional returns / benefits towards pond management that directly sustains family livelihoods, economic development and food security of the members of the SHGs. An amount of Rs. 3.00 lakhs has been earmarked during 2019-2020 to organize sensitization programmes.

Fish Marketing, Research and Quality Control

On Fish Marketing and Quality Control, the Department endaevours to strengthen the present weak domestic marketing network; which are unorganized, inadequate and lack basic infrastructural facilities. During fiscal year 2019-2020, an amount of Rs. 4.00 lakhs has been earmarked to adopt strategies and develop this sector which will deliver products that meet the consumers’ expectations.

Fish and Fish Seed Production (Culture Fisheries)

 Assistance to Pisciculturists:

  • The Department has been assisting fish farmers through supply/distribution of fast growing compatible major carp seeds at 50% subsidized rates so as to augment more fish production in the state. During 2019-2020, an amount of Rs. 30.00 lakhs has been earmarked to undertake this activity.
  • Side by side, compatible Prawn seeds (Post Larvae) produced through artificial seawater in vitro conditions at Nathanglu Prawn hatchery, Mokokchung are being successfully propagated to a large section of pisciculturists for mono- culture or polyculture practices during the 2019-2020, a sum of 5.00 lakhs has been earmarked for breeding of prawn.
  • In addition to the above, the Department has earmarked 3.00 lakhs for induced breeding programme for the year 2019-2020.

Extension and Training

Transfer of developed techniques and technologies on different aspects of freshwater aquaculture to the small, marginal and progressive fish farmers is regularly conducted throughout the state. In view of continuation of this noble scheme, during 2019-2020 the Department has earmarked an amount of Rs. 10.00 lakhs under Training, Capacity Building, Publication programmes and Exhibition & Melas to implement various trainings programmes.