Type of Resources

2018-2019 2019-2020
Volume (MT) Area (ha) Volume (MT) Area (ha)
1. Ponds and Tanks 7433.33 3425.5 7643.08 3474.13
2. Paddy-cum-Fish culture 1265.4 3420.0 1437.57 3593.94
3. Doyang Reservoir 350 2258.0 358 2258.0
4. Rivers/Streams etc. 3.17 3.29
5. Lakes/Weirs/Swamps etc. 6.1 1070.0 6.18 1110.0
Total 9058 10173.5 9448.12 10436.07


The data presented below indicates the potential areas available for development of Fishery activities in the State:







Source of policy framework

Resource potential  

Percentage of Area utilized till date


Total average productivity level (kg/ha/yr)


Estimated potential total area

Utilized area uptill 2019-20



Unutilized area (ha)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6
A Inland Culture Fisheries:
(a) Ponds/Tanks 30,000 3474.13 26525.87 11.58% 2200

(b) Integrated Fish culture

(i)  Paddy-cum-Fish culture

(ii)  Livestock-cum-Fish culture
















B Inland Capture Fisheries
(a) Reservoir 2258 2258 100% 155
(b) Rivers/Streams Fisheries 1600 kms
(c) Lakes/weirs/swamps 1700 1110 590 65.29%

About Us

With vast and varied fisheries resources, Fishery plays an integral part which has tremendous potential of becoming a major contributor towards the improvement of State’s economy providing livelihood and employment to the local populace. Special efforts have been made to promote fish culture by way of adopting semi-intensive to intensive fish culture, paddy-cum-fish culture, reservoir fisheries, integrated farming etc. through joint ventures between the fish farmers and the Department. The Department focuses towards achieving a level of self sustenance in fish production through identification of weaker aspects of the resource utilization and development such as managing the rivers and reservoirs, ensuring responsible fishing and sustainable fisheries, efficient application of technologies and strengthening the domestic marketing system.


During the current Annual Plan 2019-2020, a production of 9448.12 MT is anticipated and in addition, a bulk quantity of 3700 MT fish is supplemented by importing from outside the State. This available fish consumption could achieve a per capita consumption of provides total per capita consumption at 6.68 kgs (as per 2011 census). The average productivity levels of fish envisage to achieve from ponds, paddy-cum-fish culture (earthen and semi-permanent embankment) and reservoir fisheries is 2200, 335-500 and 160 kgs/ ha/yr respectively.